Words from fighter familes

Thank you for everything you have done… we feel God’s hands in our family & cry grateful tears of happiness – Monzon Family (Guatemala)

Jose, Fighter Families

Thank you again so very much!!! Jackie’s House apartment is such a HUGE blessing to us! The burden of extremely high rent was really stressful! I am so thankful that God sent us to you!! Everything in the apartment is perfect and we are so thankful!! I just can’t say it enough!! –

Mahaffey Family, Fighter Family

I am so thankful and cannot thank God enough for so much blessings. Almost a year ago we had to come to houston from Albuquerque. We were originally supposed to be here 6 months and Kylie’s cancer would be gone but those 6 months have turned into nearly a year and we still haves long way to go. When we first arrived in Houston to begin cancer treatment, we lived in a hotel for a couple weeks, then we went to the Ronald McDonald for 45 days, after that we went to live with an amazing family who without knowing us gave us a place to stay, after that we went to a hotel. A week later their rates went up so we had to move to another hotel & have had to move every few weeks from hotel to Ronald McDonald House & back to hotels. Through all of the moving, treatment, and stress of my 2 year old daughter not having room to play and seeing her just sitting in the bed all day unless we went out, would make me cry daily and question why us. Why do we have to be going through this, and daily wish we had a place where we could be comfortable. We would pray daily and thank god for what we had but also ask him to help us be in a place we could feel home away from home. Where I’m going with this is God answered our prayers and put an amazing organization and person in our life, we now have a place we could call home while kylie is battling her battle and undergoing treatment thanks to the Jacquelyn sky foundation. We will forever be grateful and will never have enough words to thank you for what you do. Thanks to everyone who supports you and helps make this possible.

Kylie and I both love it here.

Molina Family), Fighter Family